I made this blog years ago and ran it for a few months to test out my writing and reviewing skills. It was a fun project that I’d honestly forgotten about, I’m sure a lot of people have an abandoned blog or two lying around the internet somewhere…

Imagine my surprise when, most of a decade after I wrote these reviews, my old blog suddenly blows up out of nowhere.

Escape! 404 especially has got a lot of attention! Who knew I had such an exclusive (and maybe valuable) treasure sitting in my pile of old games?

I’m hanging on to it – but I’m happy to share photos and videos of the things to slake all this curiosity!

5 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Hi! i’ve a copy of this game too, but i’m missing the rule book, any chance you can send them to me? my email is info *@* lostinthemaze.co.uk


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  2. Hey, the game is described as a dice-roller with a Dungeon Master… my copy is missing the instructions and has no dice, but I just saw that there doesn’t seem to be any in your box either. Any chance that you forgot to show them or should it not have any? Thanks for any help clearing this up.


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