Board Game : Rogue Trooper

A very complex, meticulously built world in which the player experiences a surprising but unusually immersive story that was updated and maintained by White Dwarf fairly religiously. This game is enormous. In the base box there is a map, six miniatures, six character sheets, one trader playing piece, seventy counters, two hundred and eighty-three cards, a rulebook, a survival guide and six dice.

Corners were cut with the miniatures, in that all six Rogue Trooper miniatures are identical in different colours and the trader piece is a paper cutout instead of a more substantial mini, which is a shame on a board where corner-cutting prevented the art and aesthetic matching the depth of the ruleset.

Players take on the role of Rogue Troopers, the last genetically-enhanced survivors of a war the good guys lost, hunting down the traitor who brought about the fall of the Trooper’s forces. The winner is the first player to locate and kill the traitor.

With a specificity of story unusual in board games the mechanics were specifically tailored around the story, with depth and complexity rarely seen without a DM screen present. The game is made up of hex maps and miniatures with a system of card determining the contents of each hex. It’s a robust system that has a lot of replayability.

Overall, Rogue Trooper has a steep learning curve but rewards those who tough it out generously.

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