Board Game : Block Mania

Set in the universe of Judge Dredd the game draws on the chaos inherent in that setting to pit rival block-gangs against each other. Players control block residents as the vandalise the opposing blocks with spray paint, flamethrowers, sledgehammers and heavy lasers.

This game rewards knowledge of the setting. I remember that, even at the time, myself and others of my friends who knew the 2000AD universe and its rules and trends were at a distinct advantage. This kind of intimacy between board and screen is rarely seen in the board games of today and provided a unique feeling that felt bespoke to its setting and its time.

The rules are not presented clearly and there are almost more exception-rules than there are base rules themselves. Luck and change play a huge factor in success, as does pre-knowledge of the game and world. The unfairness of the game ends up complimenting its theme of paranoia and violence in a dystopian authoritarian future state. Death and wealth are distributed randomly and to those able to leverage their knowledge of their environment to their advantage. Whether is is a happy accident or deliberate genius, I cannot say.

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