Board Game : Key To The Kingdom

One of the more innovative and unusual games in my collection, the six-room, many-piece, modular, arrangeable board lent the game high replayability. Two of the rooms could only be reached via whirlpools at the centre of the board and the six rooms could be matched up in many variants with road pieces. The board can also fold and change mid-game, with special rules handling players who were caught on a folding or shifting board section.

The goal of the game, to move around the board collecting the key required to escape and another treasure (to make the escape worthwhile), using eight starting equipment cards to deal with or avoid traps and fight monsters. Treasures could be stolen with other players, and teamwork was also possible in dealing with obstacles and threats.

This game was fun and different every time. Huge replayability, very unpredictable, rewards risk. Great art on the box and on the board with clear mechanics that hold a surprising amount of depth. I thoroughly enjoyed this game as a kid and would happily give it another go now.

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